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    Welcome to the next step in securing a professional medical education at Meharry

    The Office of Admissions and Recruitment provides information about the college and the admission process. We also serve as staff and consultants to the committees on admission for the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Graduate Studies.

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    Please be advised that admissions requirements and procedures vary for each school. The Admissions Committees of the respective schools select students for admission to Meharry Medical College, and each applicant must meet the specific requirements of the school or division to which admission is sought.

    The number of Meharry applicants greatly exceeds the capacity, so all applications are considered on a competitive basis from the standpoints of scholarship, intelligence, aptitude, character, and general fitness.

    The mission of Meharry Medical College includes empathy for the disadvantaged, education in the health sciences, and maintenance of a center of excellence for the practice and delivery of health care. Any preference given to students is given in light of this mission


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